About Us

JEMEL specializes in introducing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting and business management system, developing add-ons or extensions, consulting and supplying other related services.

We realize that good business partnerships are based on trust. In our 17 years of working in that market we have proven that our company is a reliable technology partner. A partner capable of solving numerous business issues and achieving our clients’ goals.

In 2005, a group of experienced experts came together and founded the company for the purpose of supplying even higher quality services to clients.

The company keeps improving service quality and supports a personalized, “human” approach to communication with each and every client. We are not striving to draw a greater number of clients but instead we work attentively with existing clients whose business culture is in harmony with ours.

It is extremely important for us to understand not only the client’s IT requirements but most importantly, the client’s business processes and specific features. This understanding allows us to offer solutions in a fast and effective manner. As some of our clients say: “I am just beginning to explain my problem but you already have an answer with solutions.” It might be due to our knowledge (studying all the information beforehand) of the business processes of the specific client, as well as our extensive experience.

Our experience and work quality is proven by:

  • Over 100 successfully implemented projects in Latvia and neighboring countries.
  • Regardless of the fact that our service market is very competitive, a number of our clients have been cooperating with us for over 10 years now.
  • Each and every one of our experts is certified in Microsoft IT professional Dynamics.
  • We use implementation control processes based on Microsoft Sure Step methodology.

Facts about the company:

  • 22 years Microsoft Dynamics NAV experience! We began with version 2.01 and have kept updated with the latest versions.
  • 9 countries where our services are in particularly high demand (United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania).
  • Our clients – from small to medium-sized: turnover – up to 150 million, clients – up to 100,000 places of delivery, the number of documents issued monthly – 60,000, product deliveries – 300,000 on a monthly basis.
  • Several communication languages: English, German, Russian, Latvian, French.
  • Experience in the following areas:
    • Motor vehicle manufacturing
    • Agricultural, tractor, and equipment sales
    • Heavy construction equipment sales
    • Construction machinery and equipment rental
    • Medical equipment and services
    • Pharmacies
    • Agriculture
    • Wholesale
    • Retail
    • Logistics, warehousing
    • Food production
    • Textile manufacturing
    • Professional wear manufacturing
    • Financial services
    • Insurance
    • Electricity sales
    • Petroleum product sales
    • Utilities facture

All-star-team – Our team is small but it is a 100% star team – even our least experienced experts have over 10 years of experience and this is our quality service guarantee to you.